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Follow BiG BEAT BRONSON on twitter

Have you guys followed @BiGBEATBRONSON on twitter? If not then its about time you joined the party!! look at all the fun YOU are missing 😉 eeee how mint!!!

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Mista has spoken

Today BRONSONITES, we have a chat with MistaBreeze to find out what goes on in the head of the pretty boy of Hip Hop Describe yourself in one word Irresistible Favourite BBB memory This is difficult as in the short … Continue reading

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2013 Taking Shape

OoooooooO we do love a good international phone call!!!! We cant spill the beans just yet, but fear not the details are coming soon……………….. Edge of your seat stuff Just like this wonderful film set haha BiG BEAT BRONSON, promising … Continue reading

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Exciting Times To Be A BRONSONITE

Management at BiG BEAT BRONSON are working hard behind the scenes to make 2013 the most explosive year possible for BBB. Very soon we will be announcing some news about gigs, new music, future plans and crazy music videos. Be … Continue reading

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Can all you fine people please do us a favour?. We need you to click on this link And then scroll down to our producer Steesh Haggie’s post, click LIKE and then also COMMENT on the post. It is a … Continue reading

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BBB headlining THINK TANK

As promised, we are happy to announce that BiG BEAT BRONSON have been booked to headline Think Tank on February 16th this year. This is a new venue that is receiving rave reviews, we have been lucky enough to play … Continue reading

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What Would YOU Do?

BiG BEAT BRONSON are known for our crazy music videos, our energetic stage shows and the insane props we use in both!! So, if you could direct a BiG BEAT BRONSON music video, what theme would you love to use????? … Continue reading

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