BiG news on the Bronson front!

We promised that 2013 is going to be a huge year for Big Beat Bronson and we’ve got massive news to announce. Big Beat Bronson are going international!

We’re delighted to announce that on Friday 8th March we will be flying out to LITHUANIA where the following day, Saturday 9th March, we’ll be performing outside of the UK for the very first time. The event at which we will be showcasing our talents is ‘Lilas ir Innomine 3-ias GIMTADIENIS’ which, if the information we have is correct, should translate as Lilas and Innomine 3rd BIRTHDAY.


Lilas and Innomine are a non-standard Hip Hop duo who’ve formed as a group with vocalist Justina (aka Justify) and guitarist Laurynas Pajaujis and they will be performing new material as the group are intensively working on recording a second album.

Check out this recent video of Lilas ir Innomine performing live;


We have been given the massive opportunity and great honour of supporting Lilas and Innomine at arts factory LOFTAS, a cultural centre in Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius which accommodates creators of visual arts, music, film, theatre, fashion, dance, experiments, educational seminars, interactive and interdisciplinary art forms, awards and even alternative sports on occasions. So as well as getting to show Lithuania what UK Hip Hop’s all about, we’re going to have an epic cultural experience!


Check out the line-up as it currently stands and have a look at their videos.


Lilas ir Innomine (Gyvas Projektas/Live Project)


Skelling Orchestra

Omerta kartu su Ade ir Mtw

Alko (Street UP)

(more to be added soon)


Big Beat Bronson are off to the Baltic States and we’re ready to Get Wild and Gan Mental in Vilnius. As a group we’re all ecstatic with this news and we can’t wait to get to Lithuania. We’d like to say a huge thanks to Lilas and Innomine and the event organisers Kūrybos studija (Creative Studio) “Wakka” for giving us this opportunity. 


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